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Building Generational Wealth

The goal of generational wealth is to allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor in your lifetime and to help your heirs reap benefits as well by enabling them to enjoy a financially secure lifestyle after you’re gone. Generational wealth can pave the way for enhanced educational and financial opportunities for your children, opportunities that in turn build their earning potential and create a better foundation for their own kids.

Where to start

One important way that people transmit wealth is through homeownership. You should also model the building blocks of healthy personal finance:

Consider your descendants

Building wealth for yourself is only a step away from creating generational wealth. Make sure your assets are protected so that they remain available to future generations:

Building generational wealth has so many benefits, including the following: You’ll enjoy peace of mind, share your knowledge and insights with your heirs, and know that you’re giving your children and grandchildren more options in life.