Our Team

Just as your employees want assurance that they are on a stable path toward retirement, you want affirmation that the decisions you make about their benefits will help them reach their goal. With our team of experts guiding you, you can have confidence that your company’s objectives are being met and your employees have a clear vision of the future.

Meet Our Management Team

Michelle Parks, QKA, QPA, ERPA
Partner / Managing Director
Michelle maintains RBA’s strategic partnerships in addition to managing RBA. With more than 20 years‘ experience in retirement planning, she can assist employers and their financial team in designing a plan that meets their employees’ needs.

Direct: 254.761.1644
Cell: 254.747.0477

Cindy Yarbrough, CPC, QPA, QKC
Sales Director
Having worked in retirement planning since 1988, Cindy is known for her creative plan design options and retirement solutions. She is responsible for maintaining sales and financial advisor support for our North and East Texas partners.

Direct: 254.761.1631

Rachel Pullen, ERPA
Client Services Director
Rachel’s extensive experience with retirement plan compliance helps her guide you and your employees through your plan. She is responsible for the daily oversight of RBA’s operations and ensures that our clients receive seamless support.

Direct: 254.761.1669